A Complete Manager

“Your past is important, but it is not nearly as important to your present as is the way you see your future”.
-Dr.Tony Campolo

All human beings are born as equals; but all do not necessarily die as equals. Some die as ordinary human beings and some die as extraordinary human beings. The difference is only that “extra” between these two sets of people.

How is it that so often people from humble beginnings and background manage in spite of it all, to create lives that inspire us? On the other hand, why do so many of those born in a privileged environment with every resource for success at their fingertips, end up feeling frustrated and not reaching anywhere in life? What makes some people’s live an example and others’ a warning? What is the secret that creates a passionate, happy and successful life?

The difference that arises between ordinary people and extraordinary people is not in their intentions; but it is in their ability to convert their intentions into action with a lot of passion. That’s the bottom line of life. If only all of us live by this one value, imagine the kind of impact that we would be creating to so many people around us and thereby to our own family, our own country and the world at large.