The book contains self-coined acronyms defining a new way of looking at life leadership – eg. CEO as Chief Energising Officer because only people with high energy can lead any organisation effectively.

Each life message is written in simple 2-4 lines. We all need one anchor, one thought, one trigger or one realisation to impact our life in a possible way and this book could be that Lifeline.

Whenever you are at crossroads, Pause… Pick a relevant lifeline… Proceed.

Our Ramky, a new age management author who makes a difference through his writing, has introduced us to an approach that if one knows how to convert challenges into opportunities, growth is guaranteed. In ‘Lifeline’, his third book, he has given us a handbook of lifelines to survive, thrive, bounce back and succeed in an organisation and also in life. This book will be a brilliant guide, not just to new entrants into management world, but serve as a reiteration to senior professionals and entrepreneurs as well. I am able to relate my real life experiences and the thought provoking lines here, which is certainly a reaffirmation.


  • Why this handbook
  • Foreword by Dr.Preetha Reddy
  • Survival mantra
    Insights for Professional success
  • Vital Parameters
    Appreciating different roles of an Organisation
  • Stay Fit
    Leadership insights for Top Management
  • Life boat
    Strengthening relationships @ work/ home
  • Third Umpire
    Perspective to Life through cricket
  • Life Anchor
    Values to hold on and live a purposeful life