Why this book?

10 Steps to become a Complete Manager:

Step 1 – Effective Communication – A Professional necessity

  1. Is it possible to become an effective communicator?
  2. Becoming an empowering communicator

Step 2 – Importance of physical and mental health

  1. Becoming a healthy person
  2. Physical Health
  3. Mental health

Step 3 – Manage your time… manage your life

  1. Do we want to spend or invest time?
  2. Four quadrants of time
  3. How precious is time

Step 4 – Get ahead in professional life

  1. Reverence and right attitude for the job
  2. Keeping track of our long term goal

Step 5 – Happy Employees = Happy organization

  1. Realizing your employee’s potential and position
  2. Staying motivated and effective

Step 6 – Other side of a professional

  1. Take time off the job
  2. Integrating standard of life and equality of life

Step 7 – How to rise above love

  1. Why do people fall in Love?
  2. The spelling of LOVE in a family is TIME.

Step 8 – Balancing professional & personal life

Retaining excitement in your married life

  1. Different emotional needs of men and women
  2. Healthy relationship with your spouse

Step 9 – Expressing appreciation and love

  1. Love and feel loved
  2. Experience the wonder of expression

Step 10 – Change – the only constant in life

  1. Managing change positively
  2. Process of change
  3. Revise your vision – ReVision

Ultimate Step

Live every moment and add purpose

  1. Any day could be the last day of life
  2. Why should our life be purposeful?
  3. Add happiness to life

Salutes to people who have made a difference to me

Not Signing off
(Of course, I want your assurance that you will leave a legacy)