Get out of your comfort zone; your career will grow faster

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Ramky Ramakrishnan, chief mentor of Color Homes, talks about his professional career

When you see or read about someone successful, you always wonder, “What did they do differenty? How did they reach where they are? Do they have any regrets?” Well, we’re kicking off this podcast by Kiruba Shankar, who interviews Ramakrishnan or Ramky as he is better known, and asks all the questions you wanted to ask. Currently the chief mentor of Color Homes, he was the CFO of Airtel Broadband and CEO of MARG Properties. Listen to the podcast below.

We asked Ramky, what if he had a time machine and could go back to change one thing in his college days? What would that be? “I would have done my MBA, as it would have sharpened my analytical skills,” he replied. Given below are his pieces of advice, proud moments, regrets, et al.

  •  Fresh graduates from colleges are better off working for four to five years in an organisation, instead of jumping jobs constantly.
  •  I regret missing a promotion in my job because it required me to shift to Delhi. I, however, preferred to stay in the comfort of Chennai and that stunted my growth within the organisation. Now, I recommend that youngsters get out of their comfort zone because it will help them grow faster in their career.
  •  Build both finance knowledge and business skills, as this will help you get into senior leadership management.
  •  Play different roles within an organisation as it gives good exposure to different management roles, while offering a macro view of the workplace.
  •  Love the work or Learn at Work. If you don’t do both, then its best for you to look for new opportunity.
  •  Youngsters should work for expanding their capacity. When you expand your competency, the team looks up to you. When you expand your team’s competency, your colleagues look up to you. When you expand the competency of your colleagues, your boss looks up to you. When you expand the competency of your boss, the world looks up to you. So, the key thing is to always keep expanding your competency.
  •  Ups and downs are part of life. Even in ECG (Electro Cardio Gram), having a signal is a sign of life. A flat line means end of life. This applies to work life also. A different expansion of ECG is Energy in the body, Clarity in the mind and Gratitude in the heart. When you get these three right, your life will always be in a flow.
  •  If you show gratitude towards all those who have made a difference in your life — your colleagues, boss or life partner — it will be peaceful both in a professional and personal capacity. Gratitude is an important virtue to posses.
  •  If you have not failed, you have not done enough in life. Failures are just events. It’s important to bounce back and improve yourself by learning from the experience.
  •  AHA: Always Happily Aspiring Professional. You must have happiness in what you do, and aspire to achieve greater goals.

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