Mr Ramkrishnan, CEO MARG ProperTies at CBS School

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Mr Ramakrishnan, a chartered accountant by profession, has worked with companies like SB Billimoria, Eicher Group, Shriram Group, Lumax Group, Bharti Group, IBM Daksh in the last 20 years. Currently, he works with MARG ProperTies as their CEO.

It has always been his passion to make a difference to young professionals and help them migrate from the school of functional knowledge into the world of practical wisdom. He’s an author of self help books that are experiential guides written purely based on personal experiences.

Mr Ramkrishnan’s address focused on character building. In fact, he felt CBS should stand for Character Building School and Competency Building School. He believes where you study is not important – what matters is what you do with what you study, and how long you can sustain this. Some of his original classic expressions went down very well with the students. A few gems: “Be a happily dissatisfied person”, “Management means Manage me n (number of) times”, “Learning, Growing, Maturing, Contributing – it’s a cyclic process where the key is the suffix –‘ing’ of the present continuous tense – standing for I Need Growth.” He emphasized that innovation is the key to growth.

It’s important, said Mr Ramkrishnan, to be a professional entrepreneur, defining a professional as one who makes right decisions, and an entrepreneur as one who makes his decisions right. He also added that everything has to be done aggressively, but gracefully, coining a new word aggracively! He encouraged students to be Owners in the Cribber, Teller, Definer, Owner quadrants of a Cartesian system, where Owner means OWN-End-Results.

Source – Article from Chennai Business School

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