Industry Speakers at Chennai Business School recently

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Mr.Ramakrishnan – CEO, Marg Group

Mr Ramakrishnan has always inaugurated the “Industry Speaker” sessions at CBS with his energized motivational talks. Very profound truths were delivered with so much simplicity! Students simply loved the session and vowed to be “charged up” henceforth. The session was a discussion for following the essential way in balancing work and personal life often stressing on truth and visibility both in terms with work teams and family.The session also saw some brilliant splitting of prefixes and suffixes by Mr Ramakrishnan in the process of explaining the states that ought to be achieved if one were to focus on attaining balance in their lives.the session was also filled with some hilarious moments when Mr Ramakrishnan started expounding on his life .The end of the session saw Mr Ramakrishnan giving out a meditation exercise complete, with a background soundtrack, which refreshed the students and pushed them into a promising mood for their time in CBS.Mr Ramakrishnan’s credentials can be found here.

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