Dear Shri Ramakrishnan,

Thank you for your letter sending therewith the book “You can become a complete manager”. My best wishes.

Yours sincerely,
APJ Abdul Kalam



Dear sir,

It was such a pleasant start to my Monday morning to read about your book and watch a few of your videos online. To tell you the, I am not much of a reader, though I love listening to people talk especially when it comes to professional philosophy.

I seemed to relate to what you said in one of your interviews where you spoke about starting off with a poor interview, and despite being hired, you not only felt you could have performed better, you chose to work toward getting better; a sort of self awareness with intent. I think its fair to say that, it was this very quality that helped you achieve many of your professional and personal goals.

I am a 23 year old civil engineer working at civil infrastructure design firm with an intent to become a successful, happy individual who would never need to worry about money. After gaining another year of experience, I plan of going to Columbia university to do an MBA in Real Estate Development. I kept retaining or should I say saving my hard work for when I go there, but I understand from your talk that the only way to achieve success is to achieve it everyday. Success is a journey and not a destination.

This letter is meant for you to know that you have inspired.

Would love to sit over a cup of coffee sometime.

Thanks again,
Suraj Nambiar

Dear Ramky-

I completed reading the book .. Very interesting to read . Lot of practical examples — Emphasis  on sharing problems , thoughts , discussions openly is a key to resolving them .. Great work by you.

I was also very happy to see Indian names as Characters. Most of the books that we read will use Tom , Dick and Harry type and so using Vijay , Varun etc was great.

Few things that I realise  are, there are plenty of gaps in the way Indian Organisations run their business as related to their people . MNC are so focussed are connecting the people and their Individual plans to orgns and provide plenty of tools to assist . I have realised that over the past fifteen years of working at Ford. And I agree there is no right or wrong way in these type of things.

Thank you again for your kindness in sending your book across and congratulations to you on the book.

Sri Srikanth, Director, Ford Business Service Centre. 

A brilliant masterpiece in Professional Story telling . Just as I had felt -reading through the book – to most professionals -it would be like reading through their own autobiography. A must read for all young professionals to appreciate what it takes to be a success full professional.

The concept of ING is brilliant – I am sure readers will relate to why all round learning is so very important all through life. That more you learn- the more you earn- and it is never the other way around -is again something that readers will  also relate to after reading the book.

When you compete with your spouse only one can win; when you complete your spouse, the entire family wins, retaining happiness and harmony.That this works even in companies – that you win only when your co workers win – is very well brought out in the book.
– Swami Swaminathan, MD & CEO, Infosys BPO Ltd

If you are an young professional with fire in your belly, with a lot of potential to grow and to achieve something extra ordinary in your professional life, if you are the type who likes to learn from the wisdom of the experienced & experts, then ING is the book you must read. As you keep reading the book, you would feel as if you are having a chat with a friendly boss/ guide, who cares for you. At the end, you would want to treasure the book, and keep it for your ready reference, as most of the situations described are those you keep facing from time to time in your professional life.

The topics and contents are very well structured like a business school text book, yet the instances are so practical and real-time, that you would read it like a thriller. The manner in which the book is written, revolving around certain characters and the situations in their lives, makes it easier for us to instantly connect with and relate to the situation. Then the learning becomes automatic. Being a woman professional I cannot but appreciate the topic of “complete the spouse – don’t compete”; it is very important and relevant to working couple, especially when both are on high profile jobs.
– Indira Viswanathan, AVP, Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

It really makes an interesting read. The message is simple yet profound. The writing style is uncomplicated yet interesting. The similarities you’ve drawn between personal life cycle and professional life cycle are so true. In fact I wd go to the extent of saying that in each of my stints in professional life I experience the same, each time with enhanced learning and enhanced maturity.
– K.Srinivas – President, Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Rather than deal with esoteric issues, the book handles day-to-day situations that all of us face at some time or the other during our careers, and outlines a practical way of handling such events. In that manner, it is a very useful hand-book for practising managers, to dip into when one is faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem at the workplace – for the book is sure to help place such problems in perspective. Congratulations on coming out with a practical guide to work and indeed, life itself.
– Ramkumar Shankar, Chief Executive, Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.

The book not only helps one reflect on the various ingredients to growth of a successful professional but also helps understand the role of family and the society in enabling growth. The book touches upon several aspects of professional and personal relationships and provides valuable tips with examples for easy understanding. It gave me a few tips too that I will borrow to further my growth as a professional, spouse, parent, child, mentor and friend. I am sure professionals in all stages of their careers will benefit from the experiences you have shared.
– Chandrasekar Thyagarajan – Director Finance in a leading MNC