“Life has many lessons to teach only some learn m. Even fewer think of passing of benefit of such learning on to others Mr.Ramakrishnan is one of those few outstanding students of life willing to pass on the benefits of his study of life to others. He is gifted writer as well. He has used simple phrases to convey profound truths. An excellent guide for young professionals”

– Phani Kumar IAS, Director, e-Seva(Hyderabad)

“Learning out of others’ experience is a no-risk strategy for a young professional, provided one is open to making a honest effort to fill up the gaps in himself by taking a cue from successful achievers. I have seen the real transformation in Ramky in the last ten years and his rich experience is bound to help young professionals”
– R Parthasarathy, Managing Director, International Development,  Process and Engg. Ltd, Chennai.

” A practical guide to achieve your goals without giving up your values. This book must be read by every professional who wants to continuously grow”
– Prof M S Raju, The Indian Institute of Advanced Management, Vishakhapatnam,

“This book is an excellent guide to do well in corporate life on a sustainable basis and strike a good balance between personal and professional life. While each one of us need to find our own ways in the areas covered by Ramky, his advice and tips provide a useful foundation to start with and build upon”
– Ravinder Singh, Chief Operating Officer, I Q L, New Delhi