Mutually enriching session with senior leadership team of IDBI at ISB, Hyderabad

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The amazing response to my session for the Senior Leadership team of IDBI Bank at ISB Hyderabad on ” A Professional’s Lifeline” was absolutely fulfilling. The intent of the session was to help professionals live an “AHA(Always Happily Aspiring) life”. The hand holding process “when we feel together we start thinking together, which enables us to work together resulting in growing together” was a profound realization for the participants. This was found to be a very practical bonding team exercise before meetings.

It was a great feeling to read a senior member’s testimonial ” your session was enlightening, uplifting and inspiring for everyone who attended, specially the mediation part was like rebooting the self 😊😊”

At the end of it, my responsibility to make a difference to Professionals grew.

My thanks to Sujatha Kumaraswamy Dr. Ajay Singh of Indian School of Business. IDBI Bank S V


Get out of your comfort zone; your career will grow faster

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Ramky Ramakrishnan, chief mentor of Color Homes, talks about his professional career

When you see or read about someone successful, you always wonder, “What did they do differenty? How did they reach where they are? Do they have any regrets?” Well, we’re kicking off this podcast by Kiruba Shankar, who interviews Ramakrishnan or Ramky as he is better known, and asks all the questions you wanted to ask. Currently the chief mentor of Color Homes, he was the CFO of Airtel Broadband and CEO of MARG Properties. Listen to the podcast below.

We asked Ramky, what if he had a time machine and could go back to change one thing in his college days? What would that be? “I would have done my MBA, as it would have sharpened my analytical skills,” he replied. Given below are his pieces of advice, proud moments, regrets, et al.

  •  Fresh graduates from colleges are better off working for four to five years in an organisation, instead of jumping jobs constantly.
  •  I regret missing a promotion in my job because it required me to shift to Delhi. I, however, preferred to stay in the comfort of Chennai and that stunted my growth within the organisation. Now, I recommend that youngsters get out of their comfort zone because it will help them grow faster in their career.
  •  Build both finance knowledge and business skills, as this will help you get into senior leadership management.
  •  Play different roles within an organisation as it gives good exposure to different management roles, while offering a macro view of the workplace.
  •  Love the work or Learn at Work. If you don’t do both, then its best for you to look for new opportunity.
  •  Youngsters should work for expanding their capacity. When you expand your competency, the team looks up to you. When you expand your team’s competency, your colleagues look up to you. When you expand the competency of your colleagues, your boss looks up to you. When you expand the competency of your boss, the world looks up to you. So, the key thing is to always keep expanding your competency.
  •  Ups and downs are part of life. Even in ECG (Electro Cardio Gram), having a signal is a sign of life. A flat line means end of life. This applies to work life also. A different expansion of ECG is Energy in the body, Clarity in the mind and Gratitude in the heart. When you get these three right, your life will always be in a flow.
  •  If you show gratitude towards all those who have made a difference in your life — your colleagues, boss or life partner — it will be peaceful both in a professional and personal capacity. Gratitude is an important virtue to posses.
  •  If you have not failed, you have not done enough in life. Failures are just events. It’s important to bounce back and improve yourself by learning from the experience.
  •  AHA: Always Happily Aspiring Professional. You must have happiness in what you do, and aspire to achieve greater goals.

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Kiruba Shankar is the CEO of Business Blogging, a Social Media Consulting firm.. He is a professor of digital marketing, author of six books and an organic farmer.

Mr Ramkrishnan, CEO MARG ProperTies at CBS School

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Mr Ramakrishnan, a chartered accountant by profession, has worked with companies like SB Billimoria, Eicher Group, Shriram Group, Lumax Group, Bharti Group, IBM Daksh in the last 20 years. Currently, he works with MARG ProperTies as their CEO.

It has always been his passion to make a difference to young professionals and help them migrate from the school of functional knowledge into the world of practical wisdom. He’s an author of self help books that are experiential guides written purely based on personal experiences.

Mr Ramkrishnan’s address focused on character building. In fact, he felt CBS should stand for Character Building School and Competency Building School. He believes where you study is not important – what matters is what you do with what you study, and how long you can sustain this. Some of his original classic expressions went down very well with the students. A few gems: “Be a happily dissatisfied person”, “Management means Manage me n (number of) times”, “Learning, Growing, Maturing, Contributing – it’s a cyclic process where the key is the suffix –‘ing’ of the present continuous tense – standing for I Need Growth.” He emphasized that innovation is the key to growth.

It’s important, said Mr Ramkrishnan, to be a professional entrepreneur, defining a professional as one who makes right decisions, and an entrepreneur as one who makes his decisions right. He also added that everything has to be done aggressively, but gracefully, coining a new word aggracively! He encouraged students to be Owners in the Cribber, Teller, Definer, Owner quadrants of a Cartesian system, where Owner means OWN-End-Results.

Source – Article from Chennai Business School

Challenge to Opportunity

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Industry Speakers at Chennai Business School recently

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Mr.Ramakrishnan – CEO, Marg Group

Mr Ramakrishnan has always inaugurated the “Industry Speaker” sessions at CBS with his energized motivational talks. Very profound truths were delivered with so much simplicity! Students simply loved the session and vowed to be “charged up” henceforth. The session was a discussion for following the essential way in balancing work and personal life often stressing on truth and visibility both in terms with work teams and family.The session also saw some brilliant splitting of prefixes and suffixes by Mr Ramakrishnan in the process of explaining the states that ought to be achieved if one were to focus on attaining balance in their lives.the session was also filled with some hilarious moments when Mr Ramakrishnan started expounding on his life .The end of the session saw Mr Ramakrishnan giving out a meditation exercise complete, with a background soundtrack, which refreshed the students and pushed them into a promising mood for their time in CBS.Mr Ramakrishnan’s credentials can be found here.

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The Turn Around Man

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The Effective Manager

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Mr. S. Ramakrishnan CEO, Real Estate of MARG Limited

As part of the induction program, Mr. Ramakrishnan , CEO, MARG PROPERTIES, addressed the students on how to become an effective and efficient manager. He touched on various aspects of being a good manager. Here are a few .

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Innovate.
  • Be a professional.
  • Quick decision making especially in tough situations.
  • Adopt a balanced approach.
  • He emphasized the need to adopt a value based approach to business.

It was an absolutely absorbing session. He shared his varied experiences in various fields. His enthusiasm was infectious and he had us all involved in an interactive question and answer session. An energizing, enriching session indeed!

 by Doris John

Personality Plus 2009 Testimonials

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What students of Great lakes 2009 say about “Personality Plus”

Archana Babu: Besides the exceptional classes from the stalwarts of the academia that we have had related to core Business concepts, the classes such as yours was the differentiator. In my opinion, these sessions setGreat Lakes a class apart from the other B-schools.

Muralidhar Naidu : Thank you very much for your sessions . Specifically all those lectures which brought the breeze of peace and satisfaction in our academic sessions. Thank you very much again.

Rahul Prakash : Thank you very much for your heart-filled wishes and kind advises in the class. For us all, it was quite an enriching experience listening to you. I feel blessed to have met with so many wonderful people over the last 1 year atGreat Lakes. Thank you so much for your love and guidance.

Maheswaran : Thanks for such a sweet and inspirational messages at a crucial juncture in our lives. We also had a very good time with you.

Guru prasanna :  Your classes were good and you were stuffed with contents to deliver. You had high energy levels and you were not discouraged by any issues that cropped up (Eg. students not moving to the front rows, poor attendance, minimum attention, etc.).  You maintained the same enthusiasm throughout all the session (till the last session). You were punctual and kept the classes compressed to end within the allocated time.  You were so passionate that at least one thought of yours hits one and thereby transforms him / her – you were putting your brain, heart and soul into it.  You were gentle throughout all the sessions and you never lost your temper. “Integrity, intelligence and maturity have no substitutes” – you are great in that. People inherently and instinctively want to be respected and rewarded for their work and effort and that too individually – you are too great that you never expected this!

 Vidya Shankar : First of all thanks for spending time with our batch of students. Your sessions were very good and inspiring. Personally I looked forward to all your classes because every class brought a certain value add to me. Your points were very profound. They instill confidence into a person if the person is inclined to listen to you. Your commitment to what you do was a huge take away for me. Your enthusiasm rubs off on me. The 10 class session is a little too long for a personality plus. If you had packed all contents into a four or a five class package then a more powerful punch could have been delivered.

Avneesh Gupta : I liked your sessions a lot and really feel that those who didn’t attend it possibly missed out on some really invaluable and real life application knowledge. I very well understand the core values that you teach here in the classes and I totally agree that they form the basis of any development; and that only if the base is strong that the growth would be sustainable.

In your session, you suggested us that it would be good if we can have some mentor during our learning years who would be ready to listen to and assist us. I have some really high ambitions in both, corporate as well as social arena. I want to explore my leadership qualities. And at some point of time, I would like to be a teacher. I would like to open a school where, besides other things, kids would be taught high value system, love and patience and harmony and tolerance.

To achieve all this, I need a teacher / a friend / a mentor, who can guide me well through thick and thin of times with all his wisdom and practical experience. Would you please be my mentor and my friend? It would be my pleasure to have your guidance.

Gauthaman Krishnamurthy: The insights from the sessions are really beneficial for me. I go for a walk everyday for 45 minutes and if I miss that even a single day, then the whole day seems very lazy. I tried to be in touch with all my old friends and people I know and I feel really great. Even though I suffer from a life long ailment, the small happiness I get from appreciating the smaller things in life gives me joy and I feel rejuvenated. It would be really good, if you could also provide some examples and also be a bit more strict. Being strict in the right amount will help the entire class to concentrate as this is these lectures are the one which will be used in our life till we die. It was nice to have you as our guru.

Vinod Rajan   The class really used to be a stress buster and moral booster, which would make me feel light after a tough week and make myself ready for the week ahead. I impregnably felt that my week is not complete without your class. One of the many learning’s I had from the class that still rings in my mind is ” the strongest way to convince people is to produce results ” . There were also many other learning’s which have really touched my heart and made a drastic transformation within me. I have changed from a totally negative person to a positive person and still striving hard to become totally positive. Your meditation classes were salient and I promise you I used to feel great than never before. I am proud that I still follow it.

Be the change you want to see…

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A little child pestered her father who was back after a busy day at work to play with her. The father, not in a mood to accede to his daughter’s demand, kept putting her off. The little girl however was adamant. Hoping to buy more time, the father took a part of the newspaper, which had a world map on it, tore it into many pieces and asked the girl to put them in order and then come back to play with him. To the father’s surprise, the child returned in a few minutes saying, “Papa can you play with me now?” “How did you join these pieces so fast?” the father asked. The little girl replied “…papa, I don’t know anything about the countries in the world, but the other-side of the paper had a man’s face and I knew where his eyes, nose and ears are …and so when I got the man’s face right, the world was in place!”

The story sounds quite common, but reflected a deep inner meaning- most of the larger problems in life can be fixed if we get our personal life and attitudes right. This was just the beginning of Mr. S. Ramakrishnan’s (CEO, Real Estate of Marg Limited) motivational talk. Before joining Marg, Mr. Ramakrishnan who is a certified chartered accountant had a brief stint with IBM Daksh. Author of the book “You can become a complete manager” Mr. Ramakrishnan kept us enthralled with his thoughts on how to succeed in our career. From the beginning of his speech till the end, he gave us some of the best solutions to both personal and professional life that plague professionals of the corporate world today.

To the question “How do you become a successful leader?” the candid reply was, “Accepting the past, Changing the present and Aligning the future”. The purpose of the gerund “ing” in all the above processes is to denote continuity, he said. Drawing from his varied corporate experiences, he took us through the professional life cycle and enlightened us on how to stay motivated and effective in our careers. Explaining the work-life-social balance through the three sides of a triangle, he said that unless all three aspects augment, the area of the triangle would not increase. Replete with vivid illustrations and thought-provoking ideas, his entire speech was an illumination into the realm of higher management philosophy. We were truly enlightened by the session and took a step a forward in learning for the real world.

K Sarathy, IT Varsity, 4th Batch, CBS 2009-2010


Real World Gyan From Marg CEO

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Friday, October 8, 2010
It was Thursday evening and we were all waiting for our first guest lecturer of the academic year. As we sat there with a lot of expectations and wondered what he would talk about, in walked Mr. Ramakrishnan, the CEO of MARG. Mr. Ramakrishnan’s lecture was thought provoking and filled with a lot of real world gyaan that was required for budding managers like us. He started off saying that ‘every man should know to manage else man will age’ that certainly did the trick of grabbing all our attention. He went on to say that ‘if the man is right, then the world would become alright’, stressing the importance of man management. According to him a man should always aim for more and never be content with how much he/she has achieved. He explained this point with context to his own life and how he has been doing what he loves like writing, real estate, managing etc. He said that we should remove the word ‘if’ from our dictionary as it stops one from going forward and trying something. This was truly inspirational. We should strive to achieve our goals and approach all our problems with a positive attitude…and I just couldn’t agree more. But the fun part was when he spoke about what a husband expects from a wife and vice-versa and how both should work on their marriage to make it a success and he related that to an organization…how you look at an organization and what you expect from it and vice versa. This implied that one has to always realize what an organization wants from you and work together for both individual and organization success. When one of the students asked who is more important- happy customers or happy employees, he said that only if employees are happy, an organization can get happy customers. He ended his mesmerizing lecture by saying that we all should have the sky as our limit and never be satisfied with how much we have achieved and constantly strive to change ourselves for the better.

Contributed by Asif Sultan- International Management Varsity (V Batch 2010-11)